Skiing In Vitosha Mountain – Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia, The capital of Bulgaria is known for having a heavy snowing season each winter. The temperature drops to minus 20 degrees sometimes. Having that in mind, everyone in the city sort of love to gather with their friends and family and spend some time on the mountains skiing or just having fun.

Having Fun with friends In Vitosha Mountain

Mount Vitosha is 2290m high. You can get up there by using Lift Simeonovo. It is cheap and it costs 15 Bulgarian leva for a round ticket (12 for students and elders / 10 for kids). From the lift, you get to see some beautiful scenes. I was lucky enough to capture some very beautiful pictures while in the lift.

View From Lift Simeonovo

Vitosha Mountain is the closest, famous and suitable for hiking and skiing in Sofia. The skiing space is very organized and very wide. Up there, there is also a skiing school where you can hire a tutor for the day or you can just rent skiing gear if you did not want to buy or bring yours on your trip.

Mount Vitosha

There is also a special zone only for kids to ski and to be learned how to do so.

Kids skiing

Ultimately, you can have a great time spending the day up there and form up some unforgettable memories.

In Vitosha Mountain

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  1. When we lived in Sofia, my kids were able to go regularly to Vitosha to ski and they miss it now that we’re back in Washington, DC where skiing is both far away and unconscionably expensive. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

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